We are protagonists at The Venice Glass Week 2020

We are protagonists at The Venice Glass Week 2020

Tablao and Marea are the events that we have the pleasure and honor of hosting on the occasion of the fourth The Venice Glass Week, the international festival dedicated to the art of glass.

The 2020 edition sees us as protagonists with the tradition and innovation themes, as is our philosophy.

“Tablao” is the event dedicated to tradition that we have the honor of hosting. The protagonists are Mario Furlan, one of the greatest Murano glass masters known throughout the world, and the Venetian artist Luigi Voltolina.

They will be together on 11 September in the spaces of our furnace for an extraordinary live workshop, where they will give life to “Tablao”, an original tribute to flamenco shows.

“Tablao” is the colloquial term of tablado, a platform in Spanish, where the flamenco bailarin and baialora are performed with energy and passion. During the workshop, Furlan and Voltolina will create an exclusive mix of art and poetry, sand and fire, from which new works of art in Murano glass will be born.

The works of Furlan – Voltolina will be visible to the public from 14 to 30 September.

For innovation instead, we welcome the new creations by Wonderglass, the company that between Venice and London produces handcrafted glass lighting, designed by the best-emerging designers on the international scene: John Pawson, Industrial Facility, Ross Lovegrove, Tom Dixon e Bethan Laura Wood.

Marea is the name of the main work of the event “London Venice: The Spirit of Resurgence”. Marea is a lighting system designed by the transdisciplinary Swiss studio Atelier Oï, inspired by the theme of the rising and falling of the tide: a succession of illuminated suspended discs that evoke the magical fluctuation of water and reflected light.

A single event, 11 September, admission by reservation, limited places
With Mario Furlan and Luigi Voltolina
14 – 30 September works exhibited in the spaces of New Murano Gallery
Open from 9.00 to 17.00

London Venice: The Spirit of Resurgence
In the spaces AB4.0, 5 – 30 September
Open from 9.00 to 17.00