Republic of Venice. Year 1291.

Fearing that fire may destroy the city, a decree forces Venetian glassmakers to move furnaces to Murano, an island of the lagoon of Venice. By doing so, the Serenissima could gain a closer control over the activities of the Masters, preserving at the same time an art that made Venice famous worldwide.
The laws obliged to stay in the island. Few managed to break out. Most kept refining secular techniques handed down from one generation to another until today, making Murano the most ancient art glass production site in the world.

Republic of Venice. Year 1291.
The end of history, the beginning of a legend.

The foundry and the masters

Turning incandescent matter into an artpiece is real magic. Seeing Masters at work is a unique experience where genius and manual skill, research and tradition intersect in the red-hot fire, shaping masterpieces of timeless beauty. A fascinating show that make visitors’ eyes light up every single day.

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Our showroom

The art glassmaker New Murano Gallery is the most modern expression of Muranese tradition. Funded by descendents of one of the historic families of the island, New Murano Gallery enjoys a 2500 mq, where the most prestigious artpieces made with Murano glass are selected and exhibited to the public. A magnificient combination of lights, colors and shapes that seduces thousands of visitors every year. Let your senses and your imagination be carried away.

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